Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there a manual available?

A. Yes. You can read the online manual or download a pdf version.

Q. Can I import data from my Excel spreadsheet?

A. Yes. You can import data from Excel, Text files, Filemaker Pro files. Instructions to get you started are here. Also, you can contact us for further help.

Q. Can I export data to text files or excel files?

A. Yes. You can export data to Excel, Text files, Filemaker Pro files. Instructions to get you sarted are here. Also, you can contact us for further help.

Q. Can I send and receive email using Microsoft Exchange Server ?

A. In order to send and receive email through a Microsoft Exchange Server you will need to install the POP3 extension (shipped with the server) on your Exchange Server.

You need to specify the TCP/IP name of your Exchange server computer, or its IP address in both SMTP and POP3 servers address fi elds.

The ports should only be changed, if you are sure about this!
Please also make sure that the Exchange Server SMTP protocol is enabled.

Q. How do I backup my data ?

A. Data for CG Invoicer 2 is stored in the file "CGI_Data.cg2". If you keep a backup of this one file then you have backed up your data. You may want to make a backup of the entire CG Invoicer folder. This way you can restore all data and the application in case of a computer crash or HD Malfunction.

Q. My files are damaged, what can be done?

A. The first and best option is to use a backup of the files. It is always important to back up your data. CG Invoicer stores all of your data in a single file: "CGI_Data" which is located in your CG Invoicer folder. If you don't have a backup we can attempt to recover and repair the file. Send your files to us

Q. Can I email invoices using Yahoo mail ?

A. Email features will work with any service that offers POP access. Read the User Guide

Q. Can I integrate this with my existing FileMaker Pro solution?

A. The standard version of CG Invoicer is sold as a standalone product and does not allow full access to the database design, layouts and scriptmaker. You can purchase an unlocked version of CG Invoicer by contacting us.


Q. Is there a fee to upgrade my copy of CG Invoicer?

A. When you purchase CG Invoicer you can take advantage of any updates for 12 months from the date of purchase. After those 12 months you must purchase an additional 12 month maintenance agreement if you want to take advantage of future updates or support.

Q. What if I don't purchase the maintenance agreement, does the software stop working?

A. No. Once you purchase you can use the software as long as you like. However after 12 months you will no longer be able to take advantage of any updates or support.

Q. How do I upgrade from version 2.x to the latest version?

A. You can find instructions on upgrading from any 2.x version of CG Invoicer here: UPDATE

Q. I bought a new computer, how do I move my files? Can I switch from Windows to Mac or Mac to Windows?

A. Read our instructions on moving your files or switching computers.

Q. I'm still using version 1.9. Can I upgrade to 2.x and keep my existing data?

A. Yes. You must first export your data and then import it into the latest version. Instructions are available here.

Q. What is your Return Policy

A. If for any reason you find CG Invoicer won't work for your business, just let us know, and you'll receive a prompt, full refund. No questions asked!

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