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CG Invoicer Testimonials

People all over the world appreciate how simple it is to create invoices with CG Invoicer. Large and small businesses use it to create professional-looking invoices that make a great impression, and they all agree that creating invoices has never been easier!


"I have been using CG Invoicer for 3 years. After moving from a PC to a MAC 6 years ago and finally weaning myself away from all PC programs to MAC software the only thing left was to find a suitable invoice program to work with my small business. CG Invoicer was the perfect affordable solution. It is easy to use, generate reports and add information -- and it let's me use my own preprinted designed invoices.

I'm a graphic designer so this point was important to me. As an unexpected benefit I can even email invoices directly to my clients saving both time and paper. CG's service is superb! Occasionally the usual glitch happens (what computer is flawless??) causing my CG files to corrupt. A simple phone call, upload of my data file to them, and within less than a days work time they have repaired and corrected the file -- I'm back in business!! This is one of the most valuable software programs I own."
Emily Connoly
Graphic Designer

  My life (happiness) depends on two programs (CG Invoicer being one) that are supported by individuals. This is by choice as I have found I can get wonderful support from the programs that are still involved with the principle parties. Thank you so much for being there when I really needed you.
Jim K.
  "THANK YOU so much for your patient help today!!!

I was able to effortlessly do some additional minimal tweaking to the invoice, add my clients & create my invoices. And, I even printed off an initial monthly report to boot!

It's the most stress-free Invoice program I've ever worked with. Simple, customizable & user-friendly!"
Thank you, again!
Cheryl McGuire


"I love CG Invoicer. Prior to using CG Invoicer I would spend way too much time bogged down in bookeeping, billing and tracking client payments. CG Invoicer is easier to use than any invoicing systems - the navigation is simple and invoice creation and client tracking is sensible and easy to handle. Thank you for a super product."
Lisa Jacobi
Lisa Affordable Web sites



"It may not cost much but the software is by no means cheap!"
Joe Bourdow


"I run a small software support and troubleshooting business in Malta. Since this is a small business time is in short supply.

I was looking for a straightforward, easy to use invoicing and customer tracking software, and found it all in CG Invoicer! I had everything set up in literally minutes and it has left me free to run my business efficiently. I have found the interface intuitive and pleasant to use, and would certainly recommend it without hesitation.

The icing on the cake was Thomas' attentive and reliable support - all in all a truly professional package."



"CG Invoicer is a wonderful piece of software. I have a retail business and needed something to handle hundreds of products and create sales receipts. This software does it all! It's got a great interface, is customizable, and really simple to use.

And the level of technical assistance is unmatched! This is the first time I've encountered a company genuinely interested in customer feedback. They actually implement suggestions to create a better product for all of us. I highly recommend it!"

Kelly Ziegler


"Thanks for all your help and excellent customer service - even though I wasn't even a customer yet. I had been looking at so many programs and was beginning to get frustrated with most of them until I found yours.

Thanks again for a wonderful, well written simple program that provides a small business what it needs."

Pam Vetsch
Three Hawks Trading Company


"I have been using CG Invoicer to manage the sales of my artist owned label. It has never been easier to manage and track CDs and customers. Everybody is happy and it takes just minutes to set up."

Bill Chinnock
Emmy-award winning recording artist-composer
East Coast records


"Wow, what does a right-brained creative type say about an invoice
program? He says "buy it!" If I can use it anyone can. This program
rocks. It's intuitive. The new version is prettier than the last. You
can generate reports until the cows come home and the support team is

Look at it this way: I failed Algebra three times. Now what
has that got to do with CG Invoicer 2? I'm thinking if Chicken Girl
was my high school math teacher - today I might be a rocket scientist."

Reel Hollywood


"This is by far the easiest to use, most user friendly invoicing program I’ve ever used. I’ve researched many basic invoicing programs for both myself and other small businesses and this is by far the best. The design and layout of interface flows so intuitively that even the most beginner of computer users can be up and running in minutes."

Rob Gibson


"CG Invoicer is a great example of what shareware is all about. After trying many different invoice solutions from as big as Quickbooks, to small freeware apps, CG Invoicer was exactly what I needed.

Just the support is worth the price paid for the software, the application is like "free gift with purchase". I just wish CG Software developed more of the apps I use everyday!"

Patrick Delaney
Rosie's Foodservice, Inc.


"CG Invoicer is a fantastic product. Being customizable for our
business needs in our store, has made billing and invoicing quite easy.
We had many problems with different systems on our computer and
CG Software came through like champs doing whatever it took to satisfy us. The customer service has been outstanding and thorough. We would recommend them to anyone."

Harry Evangelista, Prod Mgr
Forms & Flyers of NJ



"After exploring the CG Invoicer tonight I found that it excels above all the other invoicing programs I've tried and tested over the last few years. The concepts are well thought out and simple to grasp, making it very easy to use right away.

I've always wanted an easier and faster way to enter sales than than using copy and paste. The email parsing feature you offer is an awesome time saver. In the amount of time it will save in manual data entry, this one feature is well worth the price of the software itself. I'm surprised no other Mac developer that I've come across has attempted to address this issue as you have. With the many tasks of doing business on the web, any time you can save is worth its weight in gold."

Jeff Forte


"I had been looking for an invoicing/records system for years and found all of them difficult to use until I stumbled on CG invoicer, out of desperation I tried it and was delighted with it. I can't recommend this package enough. Easy to use, reliable and the best value for money around. The support is superb and friendly. If only all software companies were like this."

Updated 16 March 2012 - "I've just realised that I've been using CG Invoicer for over 6 years and nothing else comes close."

Geoff Kremer. (UK)


"Last year I spent over a month on the Internet searching for the right invoicing software for my business and after reviewing dozens of options I selected CG software and am glad I did! Flexible is a great word to describe this software. From the ability to customize your products to different tax levels and the ability to import customers from excel it was easy to use!

My secretary is not very "computer literate" but she found it is easy to work with as well. In the past she had to manually do lots of the invoicing and this program has saved her lots of hours. If a customer calls her with a question she can have the individual invoice in front of her in seconds and can answer any question.

It has certainly automated our business to the next level. Generating reports of open invoices and recording payments is a snap as well. CG Invoicer gives my business a professional image with ease of operation. Thank You CG Invoicer!"

JC Fish


"I have been looking for a decent piece of invoice software for a while, and this one is amazing. You've done a really great job with it."

Gifford Meyer
Jeffrey Meyer Turntables


"CG Invoicer is very easy and simple to use but is a powerful tool to business nevertheless. My business has increased dramatically over the last year and one of the reasons is because I can use this program easily and conveniently. It makes me look good to my customers. Also, the support that I receive from CG Software is very helpful and not full of computer jargon. My questions are answered directly and the solutions are something that actually work the first time without lots of computer stress. I highly recommend this program."

Rita Galchus
The Sprout House



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