If you are currently have problems with your files due to corruption we can attempt to recover and repair the files.

Located on your computer in the CG Invoicer folder are the files:


Mac users - Look in your Applications folder and then the CG Invoicer folder.

Windows users - Look in your Program Files folder and then CG Invoicer folder. If this folder does not exist it may be at the root. Open your hard drive C: and look through the root level.

Once you have located the files you can zip compress them:

Mac users: Control Click (or right click if you have a two button mouse) on each file and select Compress.

Windows users: you can use any zip compression software that may be installed on your computer. Several free options are available such as PKZip

If the files are under 10meg you can email them to support@cginvoicer.com

Otherwise you can upload them to our server. Contact support@cginvoicer.com for more informmation.

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